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 % what, where, who
post_harvest_process = natural
producing_country = ethiopia
cultivar_variety = 74110, 74112
producer = mi’eessa robe
region = shoondhisa, shakiso, guji
supplier = osito

% flavour
flavours = [‘black grape’ ‘jasmine’]
acidity = moderate-to-high(+0.5)
bitterness = low(-1.0)
fruitiness = high(+1.0)

% what osito want you to know
This single farmer lot was grown by Mi’eessa Robe. Mi’eessa farms eight hectares that range in elevation from an incredibly high 2,000 masl to a jaw dropping 2,350 masl. He inherited his farm from his parents and has been a coffee farmer his entire life. Mi’eessa is 45 years old and is married with seven children (three boys and four girls). The cherries were naturally processed, dried and hulled by Sookoo coffee in Odo Shakiso within the Oromia Region and Guji Zone. At present, Ture and Assefa (of Sookoo coffee) are only producing naturally-processed coffees with cherry sourced from the surrounding kebeles. Each lot is named for the kebele from which the cherry comes (e.g. Shoondhisa or Bookkisa). The cherries are all dried at a centralized location on raised beds at an elevation of 2173 masl for around 15-20 days in very thin layers. They are moved and rotated frequently to ensure even and precise drying. The net results of all the effort are some of the most vibrant and pristinely clean coffees we buy. Unlike many naturals, they present with high florality and acid with very little booziness. They are often described as “Ethiopia first, natural processing second.”

% whole beans
For delivery, coffee is sold as whole beans; for collection, coffee can be ground for your extraction method.

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