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23015_Natural_Shyira_Rwanda (UK)

23015_Natural_Shyira_Rwanda (UK)

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% what, where, who
post_harvest_process = natural
producing_country = rwanda
cultivar_variety = red bourbon
station = shyira
supplier = raw material

% flavour flavours = [‘pineapple’, ‘black grape’]
acidity = moderate-to-high(+0.5)
bitterness = moderate(0.0)
fruitiness = moderate-to-high(+0.5)

% what legal told us to include
coffee_species = arabica
coffee_batch = 23015
social_media = [‘’]

% what raw material want you to know
All cherry is hand-sorted before a pre-pulp float, underripe or damaged cherry is removed, along with any foreign objects. Cherry is then floated in pre-pulping tanks removing any floaters and later pulped.   Once the cherry is sorted and cleaned, it is ready to be dried. The cherries are laid out evenly across raised beds, providing consistent airflow, and height away to prevent moisture and animals coming into contact with the cherry. 

The cherry is dried for 30 days, turned constantly when the sun is high and covered during the night. Once the cherry has dried, the now dried outer fruit is removed, and the coffee beans are ready to be organised for packing.

% whole beans
For delivery, coffee is sold as whole beans; for collection, coffee can be ground for your extraction method.

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