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24001_Washed_Salado_Blanco_Colombia (UK)

24001_Washed_Salado_Blanco_Colombia (UK)

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% retail bag
mass_in_bag = 200g

% what, where, who
post_harvest_process = washed
producing_country = colombia
cultivar_variety = [‘caturra’, ‘colombia’]
producer_group = salado blanco
supplier = cata export

% flavour
flavours = [‘blackberry’, ‘jasmine’]
acidity = moderate-to-high(+0.5)
bitterness = moderate(0.0)
fruitiness = moderate-to-high(+0.5)

% what legal told us to include
coffee_species = arabica
coffee_batch = 24001 

% what cata export want you to know
From the huila region of colombia, this is a regional blend from los naranjos, buena vista, la fortuna and villa del rio. with unique sorting approach, processing steps: Manual harvesting of ripe cherries. Selection and pulping in the machine. Aerobic fermentation in a cement tank for 12-24 hours, approximate humidity of 57%. Wash with a little clean water to remove mucilage. Drying in the sun for 15-20 days (depending on the climate), the grains are removed several times a day to achieve a homogeneous drying.

% whole beans
Coffee is sold as whole beans (not ground). Coffee will be fulfilled and shipped out within 1 week after ordering and not more than 4 weeks after roasting at the time of fulfilment.
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