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24004_Anoxic_Washed_Yesid_Vargas_Colombia (UK)

24004_Anoxic_Washed_Yesid_Vargas_Colombia (UK)

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% retail bag
mass_in_bag = 200g

% what, where, who
post_harvest_process = anoxic washed
producing_country = colombia
region = higuerón, huila
cultivar = pink bourbon
producer = yesid vargas
farm = el ventilador
association = el carmen de acevedo
supplier = raw material

% flavour
flavours = [‘blackberry’ ‘lychee’]
acidity = moderate-to-high(+0.5)
bitterness = moderate-to-low(-0.5)
fruitiness = moderate-to-high(+0.5)

% what legal told us to include
coffee_species = arabica
coffee_batch = 24004

% what raw material want you to know
Yesid Vargas had his beginnings in the world of coffee thanks to a lot that he received as a gift from his grandfather when he was 17 years old. The El Ventilador farm. This farm is located in the village of El Higuerón, at an altitude of approximately 1630 metres above sea level. On the farm, Yesid and his family are dedicated to managing 11 hectares of land to get the most out of it. The main variety of coffee grown on the El Ventilador farm is Pink Bourbon. With dedication and effort, Yesid and his family make sure to care for and cultivate the coffee with the greatest possible care, seeking to obtain exceptional quality.

% whole beans
Coffee is sold as whole beans (not ground). Coffee will be fulfilled and shipped out within 1 week after ordering and not more than 4 weeks after roasting at the time of fulfilment.

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