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24006_Dialect_x_Replica_Anoxic_Washed (UK)

24006_Dialect_x_Replica_Anoxic_Washed (UK)

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 %% COFFEE{23006}.(dialect_x_replica)
This collab is one that came about through friends of friends of friends - coffee is a small world after all. Jasper (replica) used to work the bar at Bouche in Brussels, who first took dialect's el carmen camionetta anoxic washed from raw material. Since then, Jasper and Ester have built a beautiful base for Replica in Herent, Belgium. When Mark (dialect) finally settled in Utrecht, in the Netherlands, a collab seemed too obvious. Even more obvious was the idea to each roast an el carmen camionetta anoxic washed, since this was the coffee that brought us together in the first place. By getting together and sharing passion and knowledge, beautiful things can happen. That’s what this collab is really about, to stop the competition and just have fun.

We chose two different coffees from the el carmen association - grown by two different producers: yesid vargas (dialect) and carlos martinez (replica). These two coffees are in a similar flavour space but demonstrate the differences that can exist even for the same variety, same post-harvest process but grown by different producers in the same region.

We decided to share these coffees in 2x100g bags to ensure that the pair are presented together, representing each of our designs distinctly and made affordable (rather than the need to purchase 2x200g to taste them both).

When the two coffees are blended together (yeh, we suggest you blend the two), there's some augmentation of flavour that really pushes a generic tropical fruit flavour (think hotel juice machine vibes), with a pleasant floral finish. The blend will be available on the bar in select locations (keep an eye on our instagram to find out of them might be Bouche).

%% COFFEE{23004}.(dialect)
% what, where, who
post_harvest_process = anoxic washed
producing_country = colombia
region = higuerón, huila
cultivar = pink bourbon
producer = yesid vargas
farm = el ventilador
association = el carmen de acevedo
supplier = raw material

% flavour
flavours = [‘blackberry’ ‘lychee’]
acidity = moderate-to-high(+0.5)
bitterness = moderate-to-low(-0.5)
fruitiness = moderate-to-high(+0.5)

% what legal told us to include
coffee_species = arabica
coffee_batch = 24004

% what raw material want you to know Yesid Vargas had his beginnings in the world of coffee thanks to a lot that he received as a gift from his grandfather when he was 17 years old. The El Ventilador farm. This farm is located in the village of El Higuerón, at an altitude of approximately 1630 metres above sea level. On the farm, Yesid and his family are dedicated to managing 11 hectares of land to get the most out of it. The main variety of coffee grown on the El Ventilador farm is Pink Bourbon. With dedication and effort, Yesid and his family make sure to care for and cultivate the coffee with the greatest possible care, seeking to obtain exceptional quality.

%% COFFEE{23005}.(replica)
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martínez, 51 years old, is the first coffee grower in his family. Tired of living amid the armed conflict on the border with Ecuador, he decided to enter the world of coffee. Only a year ago, together with his family, he decided to embark on the apprenticeship of specialty coffees, since coffee growing has conquered his heart. At present, on his farm, he has different varieties of coffee, among which are Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Colombia, and Catimor. Their production processes are varied, employing different fermentation methods. Carlos Martinez and his family are committed to the search for excellence in coffee production. Through their dedication and constant learning, they hope to offer high-quality coffee.

Pear Blood Orange Caramel
Carlos Martinez
Origin: Colombia
Farm: La Esperanza, El Carmen
Process: Anoxic Washed
Omni roast

% whole beans
Coffee is sold as whole beans (not ground). Coffee will be fulfilled and shipped out within 1 week after ordering and not more than 4 weeks after roasting at the time of fulfilment.

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