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24000_Development (UK)

24000_Development (UK)

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if nothing changes...nothing changes.

i'm a researcher. a scientist, i guess, but that might be a bit of a stretch. either way i constantly explore the process and product to find the global optimum. it's often the case that we get constrained within these narrow bounds where we are confident that the process will deliver a tasty product. these constraints mean we can find the local optimum but it's not necessarily the global optimum and that's what i want to find.

these coffees are test roasts that result from my attempts to explore the flavour space a little more than usual. although sometimes these roasts aren't exactly optimum, they are enabling me to ascend towards it. these coffees might be the result of an experiment that was well-executed, or a coffee that just wasn't quite agreeing with specification (a little too light, a little too dark, for example). these coffees are great green beans, roasted in various ways (always stated) and still within their flavour window.

exploring the potential of a Loring roaster. these will be 5x200g bags of coffees roasted with different time-temperature profiles. details will be shared later - they can be requested before or after tasting - your call.

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Coffee is sold as whole beans (not ground). Coffee will be fulfilled and shipped out within 1 week after ordering.

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