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24010_Diego_Bermudez_High_Intervention_YN05_Colombia (UK)

24010_Diego_Bermudez_High_Intervention_YN05_Colombia (UK)

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% retail bag
mass_in_bag = 200g 

% what, where, who
post_harvest_process = high intervention
producing_country = colombia  
cultivar_variety = castillo
producer = diego bermudez
farm = el paraiso
supplier = inc

% flavour  
flavours = [‘tropical fruits’,‘lemon & lime’]  
acidity = moderate-to-high(+0.5)  
bitterness = moderate(0.0)  
fruitiness = high(+1.0)

% what legal told us to include
coffee_species = arabica
coffee_batch = 24010

% what inc want you to know
The process of this profile begins with the proper harvesting of coffee cherries at the ideal point of maturation. Then the coffee cherries are disinfected with ozone and are transferred to the cherries fermentation tanks, in which an anaerobic fermentation process is carried out for 72 hours submerged in water. Next, the coffee is pulped and demucilaged; the mucilage and pulp are taken to the pilot plant to carry out the production of process-specific microorganisms and generate the culture medium that contains the precursors of aromas and flavors produced in fermentation, then this culture medium is added to the fermentation tanks together with pulped coffee, where they remain for 36 hours under pressure to fix the precursors to the coffee beans. Then, a thermal shock process is carried out to fix a greater amount of precursors and seal the coffee for a good drying. The coffee is then dried in a dehumidifier to remove moisture, preserving the coffee’s delicate notes and preventing over-oxidation of the coffee bean and stopping metabolic processes to prevent over-fermentation.

% whole beans
Coffee is sold as whole beans (not ground). Coffee will be fulfilled and shipped out within 1 week after ordering and not more than 4 weeks after roasting at the time of fulfilment.

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